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time:2015-02-05 editor:admin

Nowadays,there are two kinds stage truss on the market: aluminum truss and steel truss. Aluminum alloy truss can be used for setting the stage booth or the background frame, etc. The aluminum anti-head plays an important part in the stage truss system.

The aluminum alloy truss anti-head: with a loose connection between 1 meter truss, the trade show truss can rotate 180 degrees.

The aluminum alloy truss anti-head is convenient for building the truss display. For the high aluminum truss system,we need the help of scaling ladder if we have no truss anti-head.

It can be very easy if we use the aluminum truss anti-head. First,we connect the stage steel trusses on the ground. Second,connect one side of the aluminum global truss with one side of the aluminum truss anti-head. The other side of the truss anti-head must be fixed to the base. Finally,what you have to do is only poke up the truss,which saves much effort.


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